Artist Choi Eun – Jung


Working to compose subjective time

Choi Eun-jung builds time. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that she builds the outcomes of time. Time cannot be seen with our eyes but can be noticed through its results. It works the same way as wind. Wind is not visible, but we can sense it with the traces left behind. The tree leaves gently swaying in the air and the rough waves that have turned violent all tell us that wind has made its presence known. Just like wind, time can neither be seen nor touched, but it is caught in Choi Eun-jung’s works through countless textures, folds, and layers. Choi Eun-jung’s work is a metaphor of time and an act of building time itself. Therefore, the layers of space in her art are the house where time dwells.

The rhythmic lines in Choi Eun-jung’s works are waves that pull and immerse the art admirers into the scene of time. This rhythm becomes a new boundary by making you throw yourself into the piece and stand in the flow of time. It is a chapter that leads you to the nucleus of a new time by taking you into the surface and the essence of time beyond just a simple view of its construction. This surpasses the everyday common experience of time. Although the rhythm concretely stirs you up and reminds you of the section of a layer, the metaphorical rhythm makes you forget the concreteness through its flow. Countless contour lines both high and low, valleys of limitless configurations, and waves and rhythms of canyons both deep and shallow, as if formed without numbers, all quickly disturb the ordinary time and places where the time is both ordinary and subjective. The viewer, absorbed, happily loses him or herself and leaves on a different time journey.

In this work, Choi Eun-jung goes beyond the redundant act of constructing time and evolves into free and soft time commands with flexibility. That is to say, it is a way of building time that delicately combines with feelings. She has presented subjective time that subtly includes various feelings that are felt through time. Choi Eun-jung builds time. Building time is not putting reality in order. It is living with time as its companion. It is not inadvertently putting forward the outcomes of time but it is revealing oneself coexisting with and understanding time itself.

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