charity event

Fundraising for the musically gifted disabled on 2 Oct,2015 at Artouch

We are so pleased to announce the fundraising result for Nhi’s music study event hold at Artouch on Oct 2015 that we raised total amount HK$62,782 included the charity yoga class hosted by hOMe yoga HK. Nhi starts her music lesson in Vietnam at since she goes back, besides we raise enough fund for her 2 years music school fee, the rest we will support other 40 kids from the orphanage of their study as well. Thank again the donors and sponsors to make her dream come true.

donation receipt

Charity music night 1 May 2015 for Nepal 

Blessed to announce we raised HK$21,000 of the Charity music night on 1 May for Nepal earthquake . All the funds raised will go to the charity Sunshine Action 耀陽行動 who is taking immediate action to provide emergency support to people in the affected areas. 100% of the funds will turn into food, water, blankets, shelters, medicines and other necessities to the victims.
Thank again for your support.

donation receipt

Movie night “On the way to school ” collaboration with charity Happy Tree 2015

On the way to school

Charity music night for Sunshine Action charity in HK 2014

Artouch had been arranged a successful charity music event on Dec 2014 , on that day & night we had 9 bands ( all volunteer performers ) to perform and we are pleased to raised HK$13.5K to local NGO Sunshine Action.

donation receipt


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