art & culture

Artouch’s venue will be utilized for a variety of cultural and art related events including educational seminars, workshops and cultural talks. It will also host some music, drama and film evenings to provide a new source of cultural entertainment and enrichment to the local community. And we will arrange some event co-operated with local NGO that help to raise money and awareness of the charity .

Thank you all for your generous support to our yearly fundraising for Nhi music study and her orphanage in Vietnam.This is our 2nd fundraising for them. We had a successful charity music event with full house of guests on 17 June,2017 and the charity yoga class host by hOMe yoga on 25 June,2017 , this event raised over HK$6,000 bringing the total raised over the past fortnight to HK$50,000 ! Much love & support !

Much love & art,
Sze C ( founder of Artouch )

Gay and Grey Book Talk was held successfully on 20 Mar,2015 with full house of guests and we have reached the minimum goal of our crowdfunding campaign.

Much love & art,
Sze.C ( founder of Artouch )



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