What is Artouch

Artouch Limited acts as a platform to ‘bridge the gap’ between up and-coming / undiscovered artists and collectors/ patrons of art. Artouch will take a multi-faceted approach to connecting artists and collectors.

  • Artouch Online. Firstly,Artouch will administrate an online platform tailored to match potential buyers of new works with exciting new artists from around the globe.
  • Artouch Gallery. Artouch will also provide a physical venue (we located in Central) for exhibiting work in the heart of Hong Kong, fostering stronger community engagement with new artists as they grow and develop their body of work.
  • Artouch Promotions. Artouch will support artists every step of the way, organizing and promoting through art events, art fair and new exhibitions.

How does Artouch assist aspiring artists and musicians ? 

Many creative people do not have the expertise or capability to promote their work to a wider clientele, and the result is a loss of potential income and recognition for the artist, and many missed opportunities for patrons and the wider community. Artouch management will support artists with the practical tools, resources and training to effectively promote their work, while actively assisting with promotions and marketing. Through exhibitions, workshops, special events and targeted marketing, Artouch will offer talented new artists and musicians a way to expand their audience, sell their work, and receive the recognition they deserve.

How does Artouch help the local community ?

Artouch’s venue will be utilized for a variety of cultural and art related events including educational seminars, workshops and cultural talks. It will also host some music, drama and film evenings to provide a new source of cultural entertainment and enrichment to the local community. And we will arrange some event co-operated with local NGO that help to raise money and awareness of the charity .


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