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It is challenging for new artists, both local and overseas, to have the opportunity to show their work to a wider audience in Hong Kong due to the limited number of venues and the artists’ lack of experience in promotion of their work. An artist by definition excels at their chosen craft, but is not necessarily an expert in marketing and promotions.While some artists may be fortunate enough to be ‘discovered’ by collectors, this is increasingly difficult in today’s competitive environment where success is determined by the artist’s ability to self-promote through a variety of mediums, including online.

The value of art is appreciated and enjoyed by many in Hong Kong, and throughout the world, but without a means for discovering the artist, an unfortunate divide exists between patrons and artists. It is in the spirit of this recognition that Artouch is formed and founded in Hong Kong 2014.

*Interviewed by 48 hours magazine scmp HK

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One thought on “Artouch

  1. Cielo Pabalan

    Hi! I’m interested to conduct a one day Calligraphy workshop hopefully in Artouch. Just wanna ask how to start? Will be in HK on October 24 and planning to have my workshop on the 29th. Looking for a place though. 🙂 by the way, I’m from the Philippines. Hope to hear from you! Best, Cielo Pabalan PH


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