Vasili Vasileiadis

Vasili Vasileiadis

Artist : Vasili Vasileiadis

Not Here, 2013

Vasili”s series ‘Not Here’ invites us into an intimate world of the everyday, the mundane and suburban; neither here nor there, but a kind of every-where, revealed to us through the ephemera of a life. Not Here is as messy and ebullient as life itself, bubbling along in spite of our attempts to apprehend it. Through these pictures, the artist celebrates those things that often go unnoticed. He disrupts the hierarchy of images that dominate our lives, turning his attention above, below and beside the things we are so often told matter. Instead, we are shown things that are thrown away, things that inexplicably catch our eye, things we remember long after we’ve forgotten history lessons or long division.

Prints   : Pigment on Cotton Rag

Size     : 24cm x 37cm

Edition  : 9 + 2AP (Artist Proofs)

Artist : Sean Davey

Alanah, 2010

Sean has an affinity for candid portraiture and narrative documentary photography; his varied output reveals a committed personal interest in many aspects of daily life. “I like people, and it is a wonderful life; interacting, observing and photographing. Inspiration can come from anywhere and that is what I love about the photographic medium. To be aware of my surroundings with heightened appreciation, that is the real reward. Most of my photographs are made in the places that I know best and with people who I know well. Travelling is interesting but it is the local and the familiar that I keep coming back to.”

Prints   : Silver Gelatine and RC

Size     : 20.4cm x 25.4cm  and 10cm X 15cm

Edition  : Open Edition

Artist : Spiro Miralis

Spiro shies away from calling himself a photographer. If any definition of him (as an artist) is required, he will give in to that of being an auteur. “The photography just happens. I have no control over that. It’s a time and a place and an experience. Where photography really starts for me, is in the process of editing, that is where the work really comes together.”

Underpass, 2009

Shot in 2009 through Europe.  With feelings of impending social woes and the farewelling of significant others. Underpass is a personal vision of ones connection to faraway family and friends.

Prints   : pigment on fiber

Size     : 20.8cm x 29.5cm

Edition  : 7 + 2AP (Artist Proofs)

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