Dali Rău

Dali at work

Dali Rău, Romanian tattoo artist living and working in Japan since 1996.Currently owner of Graphic Tribe Tattoos, in Shibuya, Tokyo.

A few minor art projects unrelated to tattooing aside, most of his career has been dedicated to inking the skin over 21 years .

A graduate of classical art school, known for his black and grey style and versatility in creating a wide range of designs, going from portraits, biomechanical structures and abstract compositions to modern tribal ornaments and stylizations, Dali has been continuously polishing his techniques and expanding his means to approach this modern art.

In the recent years, a newfound interest in photography as well as drawing on canvas has brought new inspiration and widened his expression palette.

Hopefully, more projects will come to complement his work in tattooing.

  • 1993-1996   Body Design ’69 in Bucharest, Romania
  • 1996-2001   T.A.M. in Tokyo, Japan
  • 2001-present   Graphic Tribe Tattoos in Tokyo, Japan

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