Choi Eun- Jung

Choi Eun-Jung
Choi Eun-Jung


Choi Eun Jung was born in 1973 in Seoul Korea. She graduated with a degree in Sculpture (Ehwa Women’s University) in 1997 and graduate school in 2002. Choi Eun Jung was the 2nd Prize Winner at Song-Eun Art Foundation in 2003 and 1st Prize Winner at Paper-culture Art Foundation in 2009.

‘I am building time. My work is a metaphor of time and an act of building time itself. Therefore, the layers of space in my art are the house where time dwells.’


Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture (Ehwa Women’s University) in 1997 and graduate school in 2002.

Art Experience

  • Solo Exhibition, “Time” , Artouch HK, 2015
  • Seoul International Sculpture Festa Exhibition, 2013-2014
  • Solo exhibition, Able Gallery in Seoul and New York, 2012
  • Solo exhibition, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul, 2009
  • Solo Exhibition, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, 2007
  • Solo Exhibition, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul, 2004
  • Solo Exhibition, Song-Eun Gallery, Seoul, 2004
  • Solo Exhibition, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, 2002
  • Solo Exhibition, Moro Gallery, Seoul, 2002
  • 1st Prize Winner at Paperculture Art Foudation 2009
  • Winner at soma museum Multi-Media Art Competition 2009
  • 1st Prize Winner at Kwanhoon Gallery Multi-Media Art Competition 2007
  • One of the top winners at Hyun Gallery Multi-Media Art Competition 2007
  • Award of Excellence from Kyoung-in Art 2004
  • Award of Excellence from Kyoung-in Art Foudation 2003
  • 2nd Prize Winner at Song-Eun Art Foudation 2003
  • Group show, Exhibition of an Outdoor Creating Group ‘Late Night News’ at jeju , Seoul, 2014
  • Group show, Book art Korea-Japan 2014 at National Museum of Art-Nakanoshima , japan, 2014
  • Group show, Rising Star at Hana Financial ,Seoul, 2013
  • Group show, Reform Life at space noon, Seoul, 2013
  • Group show, Young Artist collection at Gallery Jinsun, Seoul, 2012
  • Group show, After Gallery @ Nature Poem at Nature Poem, Chungdam-Dong, 2011
  • Group show, ‘Reve de Artiste’ at Able fine art gallery, Seoul, 2011
  • Group show, “Unseen Altitudes” at New York, 2011
  • Group show, Young Artist collection-breeze” at JinSun Gallery, Seoul, 2011
  • Group show, life is life at nam- song museum, seoul, 2010
  • Group show, Pocheon Asia Biennial Exhibition at Banwol Art Hall, Pocheon, 2007
  • Group show, Asia-Europe Meditations – Project Exhibition at Hanover Germany, 2007
  • Group show, Project Exhibition – Paper wave at Gallery Jinsun, 2007
  • Group show, Koyang Fallen Leaves Festival at Lake Park, Ilsan, 2006
  • Group show, EHS-Project at Sejong Art Center, Seoul, 2006
  • Group show, Project Exhibition – “Books That Group show, Look Like People, People Who Look Like Books” at Gumho Gallery, 2004