artist guidelines

Artist Guidelines and Rules For Submissions To Artouch Gallery

  1. All submissions must represent the actual artwork as closely as possible.  If your work is misrepresented in anyway, we reserve the right to refuse to hang the artwork if it should be chosen for a live show.
  2. Artouch gallery exhibits all two-dimensional work including photography, paintings, drawings, digital, mixed media, fabric art, chalk, ink, pastels, wax, graphite and printmaking. Essentially, if we can hang it on a wall, we will consider your art for acceptance. We accepting free standing sculptures, poetry and video entries for our online only art shows. Be sure to include a link where your submissions can be viewed.
  3. Submissions must be made online via our submission form. Your upload must accompany online payment or will not be recognized.
  4. Submission images are for the gallery to decide on which artworks will be accepted. We are not asking for the originals at this time. Jpeg files should be approx 10 inches (about 2,000 to 3,000 Pixels) on the long side. Nothing below 200 DPI. Due to inconsistencies, we ask that you do not watermark your images but please note that our primary use of the image will always be alongside text which credits the artist.
  5. Your files must be labeled:  First name Last name_Title of the piece_Medium_Height x Width in inches.jpg making sure that underscores go between your name and the name of the piece (i.e. Pablo Picasso_The Old Guitarist_Oil_32x48.JPG).
  6. Resizing copies of your work for submission can be done easily with many free programs or websites. If you are not computer savvy, you can safely download a free program on or type “resize pictures” into a search engine and go to the many websites that are listed to resize for you.
  7. Cost of submission is HK$200 for 3 entries and HK$50 per every entry thereafter. It is a non-refundable fee and no changes of images can be made after you submit without another entry fee. Your submissions do not guarantee inclusion into a show. The decision to accept entries into a show is based solely on the Gallery.
  8. If your submission is accepted, we will ask you to send your images to our office for gallery exhibitions. Return postage must be included with winning entries or they will become a donation to the gallery 14 days after the reception. Please take care to ship your artwork carefully with padding and we will return it to you in the same box with the same padding. The return postage can be a label or a bill of lading from either DHL, Fedex or other logistic company included with your artwork.
  9. For gallery exhibitions all prints must be suitably framed and we reserve the right to refuse to hang a piece of art that is not presented in exhibition quality with a gallery in mind.
  10. For gallery exhibitions damage to artwork or framing is not the responsibility or liability of the gallery. We care about your artwork, but cannot accept liability.
  11. For gallery exhibitions all artwork must be labeled on the back with the artist’s name, price, and name of piece.
  12. All artwork must be delivered by at least 5 days before the art reception.
  13. For gallery exhibitions artwork will be offered for sale at the reception and any other days that the gallery will be open. The galleries take a 40% commission on all sales of prints. Not for sale prints are acceptable.
  14. Accepted entries are represented by Artouch Gallery.  They will be part of our online exhibitions permanently at the discretion of the gallery and if sold through Artouch Gallery, the gallery will take the 40% commission.  Therefore,the artwork accepted cannot be held indefinitely by another party exclusively.  Artouch Gallery retains the right to represent an artist in a sale of the artwork that was accepted and represented in our gallery.
  15. Artouch Gallery reserves the right to refuse to hang an artwork or exhibit it if it is radically different from the image that was submitted. If your artwork is not represented as truthfully as possible, we will refuse to hang it. 
  16. Additionally, if any artwork is not ready to hang, we will either not accept it or charge you a HK$200 fee. We accept artwork that is unframed, however if it uses clips, nails, or other materials that involve the gallery staff doing more to prepare your item, or if the hanging method is an insecure one (tape squares and other adhesives) we reserve the right to refuse to hang the work or will not accept it at all. The only method we will accept is secure wire hanging.
  17. Artist maintains copyright.
  18. All entrants grant Artouch Gallery the right to use or publish images of their work to promote the art exhibits, future call for entries, videos, or the art galleries. All accepted entries will be placed on this website or blog and other social media sites.

All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party. The entrants must be the sole owner of copyright in all photographs entered and must have obtained written permission of any people featured in the entries or their parents/guardians if children under 18 are featured. Artist is fully responsible to obtain all model or property releases.